“I decided to try microdermabrasion having had bad acne in my early 20's.  After just one treatment I noticed a marked improvement in my skin and after a course there was a massive improvement in my scaring. 

I now have one of these facials every 5 weeks as it keeps my skin in really good condition and gives a feel good factor too!  I would definitely recommend this treatment to a friend.

Danielle Hinves

Sports Massage Therapist

“Doing lots of different sports I found having regular massages on by back very beneficial, almost like a regular service. 

Evelyn is very good because she listens closely to me as a customer and tailors her massages according to pain or problem areas I have.  This ensures that my back is getting what it needs and means I can get on and enjoy my sports activities.

Regards - Nick | Honda


”I always look forward to my visits to the salon and know I will receive excellent attention, whether I am having a relaxing facial or a soothing pedicure.

Evelyne maintains her professional standards, keeping up to date with the latest techniques and treatments”

Ros - Client of 7 years


Eve's cheerful geordie chatter is a tonic in itself but once the magic fingers get to work you know you have come to the best beautician/masseuse in town.

Whether its a deep treatment massage or a gentle one to relax tension you will walk out feeling 100% better in body, mind and spirit. So give it a go! 


Thank you, Evelyne, for another amazing luxury facial.  My skin feels wonderful, so smooth, and I'm so relaxed!

When I walk through the door into your room the weight lifts off my shoulders and you take over for an hour and a quarter.  Nothing matters any more!  The room is so peaceful without bright lights and the relaxing sounds let me drift away. 

You take complete control and pamper me as you apply heavenly smelling products in a variety of ways and massage my tension away.  I love that my face, eyes, ears, scalp, neck, arms and hands are included in the treatment and they now feel so smooth.  The way you move my neck just eases away the tension and I want to stay on the couch for ages after my treatment finishes and soak up the relaxing atmosphere.  Thank you so much.  You have worked magic again. 



Services we offer

Below is a complete pricelist & services we offer





  • A gentle treatment for dry sensitive skin, improving the skin hydration.

  • £39.00acne / detoxification
  • This purifying facial is excellent for congested, troubled skin types with therapeutic anti-inflammatory effects of The Deep Moor..

  • £42.00revitalique treatment
  • A refining facial treatment with the application of a therapeutic skin balam to nourish and repair damaged skin, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles..

  • The ultimate treatment for the neck, face and eyes. To revitalise and rejuvenate mature skin. An intensive repair face mask combines a highly bio available form of Vitamin C with enzymes to exfoliate and stimulate cell renewal along with an anti-ageing serum with plant derived collagen. Brightens the complexion with a stress relieving and lymphatic drainage massage to the eyes, face and shoulders with a deeply relaxing scalp hand and arm massage.


  • £65.00EXHILARATE BODY treatment
  • Awaken your senses with a rhythmic exfoliation using ground walknut shells and essences of mandarin ginger and cinnamon. A brisk massage follows using a luxurious mask of Moor, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Oil leaving you energised. You remain cocooned in bliss! Your skin will thank you.

  • £65.00REJUVENATE BODY treatment
  • Restore your youthful glow with a mineral rich salt glow after which the micronutrient of Klamath Blue Green Algae and Salt Kelp extract infused with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Oil envelop you in luxury. Your mind, body and spirit are enchanted for overall being.

  • £65.00MEDITATE BODY treatment
  • The soothing sensation of vital Chi Skin Brushing genlty relaxes and balances the skin inviting the delicious massage balm of lemon grass and rosewood to remove all tension. After which the deeply hydrating affects of our new Alagamoor Masks will envelope you in an ancient Alagamoor rich in nourishing minerals.

  • £32.00The elixea salt glow treatment
  • Smooth away dulling surface debris while restoring vital nutrients to tired skin. The fine sea salt, extracted from an ancient sea bed deep underground, is naturally infused with a rich variety of minerals. Finished with rhythmic effleurage over the entire body. An excellent pre holiday treatment.


  • De-stress the back, neck and shoulders with this tailor made massage.

  • A variety of expert massage techniques to reduce tension and relieve negatives effects of every day stress. acupressure, manual lymph drainage techniques with customised combinations of dead tissue detoxification, all designed for a perfect massage.

  • A full body brush and exfoliated with massage to encourage lymphatic drainage for improved skin texture.
    An excellent pre holiday treatment.

  • Revitalising heat for head and ears, soothes, relieves, relaxes. Ideal for sinuses, headaches and helps pressure from flying and diving. Includes a pressure point facial massage.

  • Indian head massage concentrates on the head, neck and shoulders. The areas that tend to accumulate tension when you are feeling upset, stressed or angry. Everyday stresses often result in stiff neck and shoulders, eye strain and headaches. This ancient form of massage is an unrivalled method of achieving total relaxation.


    ST TROPEZ | The Ultimate Tan
    It is long lasting natural looking and there is not other self tan that can touch it.
    Includes full body exfoliation.

  • £30.00The classic ultimate tan

    GelColour by OPI a fast polish gelcolour shine-intense shades cure in 30 seconds and last for weeks! from the custom made brush, to the fast application and lightening speed cure, GelColour redefines salon gel services with durable, glossy colour

  • £25.00O.P.I GEL COLOUR

    Indulge in an OPI treatment. Not only will you feel pampered but your hands, nails and feet will look fabulous.
    We use the latest therapeutic and rejuvenate technology to really nourish and relax you.

  • £26.00OPI Luxury Manicure
  • £23.00opi manicure
  • £14.00file and polish
  • £33.00opi luxury pedicure
  • £30.00opi pedicure
  • £16.00file and polish

  • EYE TREATMENT (pacth test required)

  • £6.00eyebrow tint
  • £12.00eyelash tint
  • £16.00lash and brow tint

    We use Australian Bodycare Hy-Wax system, it is the most hygienic effective and easy waxing system in the beauty industry.

  • £23.00FULL LEG
  • £8.00UNDER ARM
  • £8.00HALF ARM
  • £14.00FULL ARM
  • £7.50EYEBROW
  • £6.00UPPER LIP
  • £6.00CHIN
  • FROM £10.00FACE
  • £9.00BIKINI
  • £16.00BRAZILIAN
  • £28.00HOLLYWOOD



Lost not knowing what to buy for that Christmas, Birth or Anniversary present? The ultimate gift.

Please note, that most of the treatments in this leaflet are available to men and teenagers as well as ladies.

Cancellation Policy

We regret that cancellations without 24 hours notice or broken appointments will incur a charge. Please note we only accept cash or cheque.


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